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Friday, 1 June 2012

Back for more......... or not

Been back to the little pool yesterday evening, I was please to see just two lads sat quietly fishing in one corner, thought it would be empty with the weather not been as hot. However the fish seemed to have taken a disliking to it too, not a lot on top and the ones I did see were just cruising around a foot or two under the surface, I never saw one carp come up for a bait even the oily floaters I got today only interested the rudd. 
On wandering around looking for fish I came across some bubbles that looked fishy so decided to opt for plan b and float fish mussels and corn, soon after it became clear there was a group of fish absolutely ripping the bottom apart! The water was just frothing like a jacuzi, I even had fish head and shouldering right over my float  2 rods out. but it wasn't to be today, the float dipped and weaved and buried 3 times and I connected with fresh air.
It was a cracking night to be by the pool though as it looked stunning and all I could here were the birds tweeting in the tress 

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