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Monday, 10 September 2012

Fluff flinging

 I had a real eye opening session with my mate Martin yesterday evening doing a bit of fly fishing, or fluff chucking as I like to call it. I had originally planned on doing a bit of floater fishing for carp until I asked Martin about what he thought the prospects would be on a small pond he has fished before, he suggested I may be better joining him for a bit of wild trout fishing on his so called 'tiny stream' as the fish should be hammering dry flies off the surface given the weather.

 Well wild and tiny really are the words to describe it! After driving my way along endless narrow, twisting country lanes under Martins guidance we finally arrived at a gated entrance to a field in the middle of no where. We grabbed a single rod to share, box of flies and donned the waders. We made our way down a track until we came to a tiny trickle of water no more than a couple of inches deep with a small foot bridge over it. I thought he was joking when he said "how do you like my stream"! NO WAY IS THERE ANY FISH IN THERE I blurted. However I was to be proved wrong. You could jump every part I saw with nothing but a few paces run and for the most part it was just a few inches deep but on each bend the bottom had been scoured out to depths of over 4 feet.

Martin fished the first couple of pools with no luck before handing the rod over to me as we made our way up stream, I was onto my second pool when I felt something on the end of the line that had taken a nymph fished below a dry fly only for it to come off. OK OK there is fish here but to say I'm shocked is an understatement. Martin passed comment that it did not seem the same as the times he had fished before as there were very few fish rising for flies and the water was much lower and slower. He also said you could see the fish if you waded very slowly but it seemed they were tucked away right in the edges.

 We worked our way along taking it in turns to fish each pool but it was clear it was going to be hard going, and despite me enticing takes from 6 fish I managed to land zero. Martin also missed a couple but that was about it. A bit more practice is required from me with the fly rod I think but it was a very nice evening to be out in the country side.

 Next stop, back on the Trent.

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