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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter blue's

 I am starting to feel they have well and truly set in after today's session, as once again my plans were wrecked by the weather. Confused? Well it was a nice day, warm if a little windy but so was yesterday and there lies the problem. Remember that cold snap we had just mid week? Well it did drop a bit of snow right on the tops and the rise in temperature also saw a rise in river levels over night.

 I had arranged a trip onto a river new to me, the Colne up near Huddersfield with my mate JD with the intentions of trotting for grayling. We were also joined by JD's mate Richard who I have not met before but have spoken to now and again on yorksfishing so it was nice to put a face to a name. Alas the melted snow had seen the river rise 2 feet over night rendering this small tributary of the Calder just about unfishable. We wandered the banks trying likely looking spots for a couple of hours before returning to the van beaten.

 It was starting to feel like groundhog day as for the second time in as many trips I found my self sat by the canal again, sport was a little better this time though and I managed a tidy net of small roach in a couple of hours fishing. Not exactly what I had in mind but it was a nice day to be out on the bank with friends.

 So, what next? Well as I said last time I had no real plans for the winter months but I have been looking around for a decent perch water, one with a half decent chance of a 3 pounder and upping another PB. After much searching it would seem that there is a water not so far away from home that seems to throw quite a number of 2's up, and allegedly has produced the odd 3 over the years but is clearly overlook these days so it looks like my time my well be invested there.

 I'm going to start something new too, as I am now looking back over some of my old posts in a diary type way, I though it a good idea to keep a record of the river conditions too. So from now on whenever I fish a river I will be adding a graph from the EA river level site
on line river levels a god sent for all running water fans

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