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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is it spring yet?

 The way this winters form has been going I'll be glad when it starts to warm up as there has been a distinct lack of fish recently and today was no different, although on a lighter note it was rather enjoyable. Since having a first proper go at lure fishing last year I had kept telling my self I should buy the necessary gear and do some more. A couple of weeks back I was offered a suitable rod along with a box of bits and bobs plus some lures, the money exchanged hands and today saw me on the bank with it for the first time accompanied by JD.

  We decided to work our way along a local canal that runs almost parallel to the river Calder, then work our way back down the river. We covered a good couple of miles stopping off at likely looking spots along the way, swapping and changing between lures. Diving plugs, rubber shad types, micro rubber lures, we tried the lot but despite our best efforts we failed to even entice so much as a touch between us.

 It wasn't a bad day to be out and about though, especially when out of the wind. It was enjoyable doing something new for once too and its certainly not put me off but perhaps I might be best waiting till it warms up and the fish are more willing to chase bits of odd looking rubber. We did however discover a few new cracking looking spots on the river as we were wandering along a stretch neither of us had been on before.

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