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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My first grayling

last week i had a great session on a very windy and sometime wet river wharfe
iv been saying for a couple of years now how much i wanted to catch a grayling and should have tried before, this year i have got well into river fishing again and for crimbo i got one of them 40 quid center pins from draggon carp, so off to the wharfe i headed.
i jumped out of the car, grabbed the gear and off i went.
i soon found a nice looking run and got settled, after a few runs through i had the depth sorted and on went a couple of maggots, first trot down and it bobbed under....... missed, was it me? was it bottom?
next trot and it went again this time a fish, only small around 6oz but i was soon grinning from ear to ear and did a little dance when i realised it was a grayling.

2 more quickly followed then nothing, gave it 20 mins then decided to move on. off i headed up stream but it was clear the wind was going to be a problem and the short heavy rain showers didn't make it any better, i covered a fair distance and even had the float lifted clear of the water by the wind a few times before i headed down stream to see if it was any more sheltered, i got back to the car just as it started to rain so i jumped in for some dinner.
i headed off down stream and earmarked a couple of pegs for the way back up later, i made my way to the bottom end of the fishing limits trying the odd nice looking spot but it was no better if not worse with the wind so i decided to head back up towards the car and try the pegs i had seen. well the wind was a bit better but the water was just too fast and the swirling wind made it even harder to control the float. i made my way back to the first spot i tried where i had 3 fish first thing but could not find it now this may sound stupid but i could not for the life of me find it! it even had a faily substantial structure on the far back but its got me beat ???
anyhow the wind had swung around slightly and a spot i looked at this morning now looked more fishable.
after a couple of trots the float sank away and after what must have been 3hrs since my last fish i now had number 4, another nice fish around 10oz, great i thought but after half hour i moved on, only slightly, maybe 20 yards upstream where the wind was now less of a problem than this morning.
i had a few runs down to work the depth out while trickling in a few maggots, second trot and the float burried, a tiny fingerling grayling this time but still another to the tally, next trot i had another around 8oz before on the next trot the float burried and this time there was quite some resistance on the other end and after a spirited fight a rearly nice fish rolled over the net, i punched the air and reached for the scales, she went 1lb2oz, not bad for my first session

it went a little quiet before a couple more small fish around 8-10oz and another fingerling turned up and the rod hooped over again, another solid fight and another good fish came over the net, this time a little bigger at 1lb 6oz over the moon with all the grayling not just the biggest, i ended the day with 12 altogether. i shall be back pretty soon.

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