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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Social session with a new friend

Over the years I have made friends and met up with a few people on the bank that I have become aqauainted with via various fishing web sites and last year was no exception. I have exchanged posts with Martin a few times over the last two or three years whilst discussing venues on yorkshire fishing but it is my new found interest in the River Calder that has led to us finaly meeting up. We exchanged messages and phone numbers and agreed to meet up last summer, however due to work commitments from both of us, me having my son Kyle two weekends out of every three and my keen interest in motorsport and add into that a house move! it has taken us untill today to finaly be able to get on the bank together.
Martin had kindly offered to show me a tiny river he fishes that is stuffed with grayling and a few brown trout but with the heavy rain at the start of the week that quickly went out of the window so, it was to be a barbel fishing trip to the River Don in Doncaster. Now up untill around 2 years back I used to fish this stretch a lot and my PB barbel came from here, but for one reason or another the fish are just not there in the numbers they used to be hence the reason I stopped going. It was nice to get back there after a long break and the river looked perfect, surley we should see a fish or two? well, it seems that the fish have not returned and despite our best efforts we just had one chub around 1.5lb which took a liking to my lob worm.
Despite the lack of fish we had an enjoyable day discussing various venues and generaly putting the fishing world to rights. As we packed the gear back into the cars we agreed to meet up again but this time im sure it won't take half as long.

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