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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Calder barbel

 Not a deal to report today unfortunately.

 Now the Calder is not one of the first rivers in Yorkshire you would think of when hunting barbel, in fact its most likely near the bottom of most peoples lists me included. But whilst out on the banks I keep hearing tales of a few fish been pulled out. Nothing huge as they seem to average around 6lbs but location is pretty simple enough as on the lengths I have been fishing there are two weirs and a large set of rapids with fast shallow water below them. I had been more than happy catching nets of silver fish but it was starting to become a little stale with all the extra water we have had of late and making things difficult on the trotting front, and as my mate JD lost 3 barbel last week I thought I would try my luck.

 So off I headed this morning to a spot I knew barbel had been caught from before, I baited up with some hemp and pellets via a bait dropper and a few boilies that are new to me for this season from Tailor made tackle and bait and sat back and waited. Odd pecks from small fish came intermittently but despite swapping between boilies, pellets and lumps of meat I failed to get a single proper bite.

 Ah well such is life, on the plus side it was a grand morning to be out on the bank once the sun came up(at long last). I think I will save the barbel fishing for the Swale and Nidd and stick to plundering the roach and dace shoals on here. The river looks like it may finally drop to something like normal level and with little if any rain forecast and a week's holiday from work things look good for a few fish next week.

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