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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Back down with a bump

 Well I think we can say that winter is defiantly here for I have just spent ten bite less on a cold, wet and windy Trent. In all honesty I should have known better and around mid week it was a toss up of weather to head down there or instead go to the Calder and target anything that swims. In hindsight I should have chosen the latter but the lure of a big Trent double was all too much, the frost we have had has clearly knocked the colour out of the water and fish off the feed.

 I headed to the same stretch I fished last time but chose a different swim with less pace and a bit more depth, hopeful that the fish would be holed up here. I employed my now usual Trent tactics but held back on the loose feed in the groundbait and cast less often. The wind, although a south / south westerly was blowing straight at me making the brolly almost useless in the frequent showers, thankfully they were light and didn't last too long.

 Despite swapping and changing hook baits regularly and adjusting my end tackle around after every couple of casts the tips remained still all day. I think that's me signing off the Trent for now, only heading back after some warming winter rains have put some colour and life back into it. My efforts now will be aimed at the top end of the middle Calder hopeful of bagging a few nice chub with a few other bits and bobs that I may stumble across.

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