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Saturday, 13 October 2012

MK 1 barbel feeders

 No fishing this week but time's not to be wasted.

After spending a few weeks gathering together the necessary equipment for next to nothing(total cost around £6 from the local car boot sale) I finally got around to knocking up my first lot of big river barbel feeders. The biggest cost was the mould I sourced at £26, this was used purely as a template for my custom made one.

Melting pot, ladle and gas ring, total cost of tools/equipment is around £6! all found at the local car boot sale. Bottle was free from a relative that didn't take to camping.

There is the custom made mould along with quite a few rejects to go back in the pot next time.

Finished weights, mixture of 4,5 and 6 oz

The other bits of the feeders.
plastic cage, split rings and swivels.

 One finished 6oz barbel feeder.

  A rough first prototype ready to be tested. I've gone for split rings for now as opposed to any kind of link as I had been having problems with the long (5-6 foot) hooklinks tangling around them on shop bought feeders, this of course can be changed and there will be an option of ring or link. I gave the cage a quick colour in with a marker, again something to look at as they could be painted/sprayed any colour and also the leads looked a bit bright and shiny but these are easily coated with many different camo/gravel coatings.

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