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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Short trip, short blog

 Not a deal to report today, well really there could be but it's all in my head as my thoughts have now turned to wintry things.

 I had the opportunity to sneak a few hours in local and decided to try my luck back on the Calder where my mate JD had been hitting one or two barbel, alas I missed the boat and the river is now running low, cold and clear after last weeks rain. Knowing this before hand I had planned a twin attack on both chub and barbel but my confidence was falling as quick as the leaves on the trees due to the weather, cold last night although not quite frosty, not at home anyway and the sun was beating down on me once sat on the bank.

 Now this is a new stretch of river to me, much further upstream than I have ventured before so decided to put it to good use as a scouting trip as my intentions are to spend plenty of hours on it whenever the Trent looks out of sorts over the coming months. I had a wander up stream before settling in a swim back near the car and soon had two rods out, the pellet on the barbel rod was picked up first cast but only resulted in a rattle on the tip. Other than that the rods remained still barring the constant plucks and pulls from the ever increasing amount of leaves coming downstream.

 JD popped down and we spent a good hour or more discussing the river and where the fish hold up, after he departed I gave it half an hour or so and decided to chuck the gear back in the car and go exploring. I headed off down stream and found a couple of nice looking swims that I'm sure will hold barbel in the warmer months before eventually coming to some deeper water. Despite the depth there is still plenty of flow, a lot more than I have found on other parts of the river that offer the same sort of depth and these few pegs look sure to produce fish in the cooler weather.

 I had planned on going to the Trent next week but looking at the forecast and current river level I think the barbel rods will be put to bed for a while and I shall be heading back to this stretch of the Calder, full of great enthusiasm and expectation for a nice net of roach and chub.

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