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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bit of a musicle tale

 With not a deal to tell today I thought id do something a little fun.

My local tench water is definitely one of these places.

And although not blowing like i would like it to have been it still looked good for a fish or three, but after 4 hours with not a touch or even the sight of any bream rolling I was starting to wander

With time to kill and not been in any rush to go home I decided to have a mooch around and see what was, or wasn't going on. All was revealed when I found huge shoals of bream tucked up in a quiet corner of the lake.

I have no doubt that the tench were also up there, feasting on fresh bream eggs. By the time I can get back to the lake which will be two weeks things should be back to normal. I cant wait as I know there's plenty of time before the rivers open................................

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