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Monday, 6 May 2013


 It would see we have skipped spring and jumped right from winter into summer in a little over a week, I bet the fish don't know what the hells happening. I know one thing though, it killed my tench and bream sport dead.

 Yesterday saw me heading to a local carp puddle, hole in the ground type thing. Now don't go thinking I'm loosing the plot as we all know how much I hate those kind of places but I actually enjoyed it, only because I had both kids in tow and took them for a few hours fishing. Kyle can pretty much look after himself now apart from removing the odd deep hooked fish so once I had him set up and fishing I sat on the floor with 4 meters of pole and entertained Lilly for a while. For a 3 year old she did well, or rather I did managing to keep her amused for near on 3 hours.

 Plenty of small perch and skimmers were landed between us, me and Lil managed a nice looking carp hybrid/brown goldfish type thing around a pound plus a couple of nice 10oz rudd. Kyle added a nice bream around 2lb as we were ready to pack up. It was warm, we caught fish and the kids enjoyed it and that's what it all about.

 My latest session started last night when I headed to my tench water armed with a bucket of spod mix and the rod. One chap was down for the evening and once he had me sussed out the info started to flow back and forth. He revealed something to me that I never imagined possible on that water and gives me something to definitely look at in the future should my current plan start to fall apart.

 With the bank holiday I expected it to be busy today so made sure I was first there to get the pick of the swims, my swim in fact I baited last night! It was 4.10am when I pulled through the gate this morning and as the light grew the lake looked truly stunning, one of those classic fully misted mornings it looked just like ghosts drifting over the glassy looking surface. Out when the rods and I sat back ready for the action to kick in.

 I waited, and waited, and waited. I knew early on it was never going to happen, there was not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind. The water stayed like glass for most of the morning and temperature was rising as high as the sun. Around 9am and totally out of the blue one of the rods rattled off and I landed a bream around 4lb, afterwards much the same. Nothing. I have noticed before on here, hot, sunny windless days are the kiss of death. However, on a plus note my next trip is Wednesday when it looks like a nice low pressure front will be moving in.

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